Definitions for "basting"
Keywords:  quilt, stitch, sewing, tacks, sandwich
Loose temporary stitches.
Refers to temporary stitching used in tailored garments to hold garment pieces together until another operation is performed.
Basting stitches are long, loose stitches that can be easily removed. For example, you can find the center of a cross-stitch chart by basting intersecting lines across the fabric. Or you may need to baste layers of fabric together to secure them before sewing them by machine.
Keywords:  roast, spoon, moistens, succulent, meat
The act or process of moistening a roast as it is cooking.
To moisturise (brush, spoon or pour liquid) food so that it does not dry when it's being cooked.
The process of spooning stock or fat over meat at intervals to prevent it drying out during roasting.