Definitions for "Baseband"
This is a networking technology that uses a line's entire available bandwidth to transfer a single signal of digital data. Signals are not modulated and only one kind of signal (voice or data) can be sent at a time.
The technique of transmitting a digital signal over a single medium. The entire bandwidth is used to transmit the single digital signal.
Bandwidth characteristic of networks occupied by a single digital signal, such as Ethernet or Token Ring LANs.
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BMP Byte
Carries out baseband protocols and low-level routines. See Specs page.
The function within a radio communications device that manages the way in which the radio transceiver is used to carry data.
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The Bluetooth baseband specifies the medium access and physical layers procedures to support the exchange of real-time voice and data information streams and ad hoc networking between Bluetooth units.
Baseband is a general term for part of the physical components of a wireless communication product. Typically, this would include the control circuitry (microprocessor), the power supply, amplifiers, etc.
the lowest scale or simplest rate at which messaging occurs in a communications system.
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Binary Bits
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