Definitions for "barricade "
A fortification, made in haste, of trees, earth, palisades, wagons, or anything that will obstruct the progress or attack of an enemy. It is usually an obstruction formed in streets to block an enemy's access.
Any bar, obstruction, or means of defense.
To fortify or close with a barricade or with barricades; to stop up, as a passage; to obstruct; as, the workmen barricaded the streets of Paris.
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Barricade is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.
Barricade is the name of several fictional Transformers characters.
Created by Nathan James Barnatt of the Barnatt Brothers. First emerging as posts on You The cartoon follows the main character Barricade as he lives his daily life.
barricade is a simple implementation of the port knocking method aimed to open your network service or firewall only if a special ICMP echo request packet is sniffed from the network interface. After the last valid packet is received, barricade waits for a defined amount of time, then it closes your firewall or stops your services.
Asphyxiating gases are formed when there has been a fire in any mine or an explosion in a coal mine. If miners are unable to escape, they should retreat as far as possible, select some working place with plenty of space, short-circuit the air from this place, build a light barricade or stopping, and remain behind it until rescued.
Sturdy structure meant to stop or deflect high velocity objects created in a test stand explosion.
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Barricade is an upcoming horror/splatter feature film from German director Timo Rose. It stars American actors Raine Brown and Joseph Zaso and Germany's André Reissig, Thomas Kercmar, Manoush, and Andreas Pape. It was written by Timo Rose and Ted Geoghegan.
Barricade is a 1939 action/comedy film directed by Gregory Ratoff and starring Alice Faye, Warner Baxter, Charles Winninger, Arthur Treacher, and Keye Luke.