Definitions for "Barony"
All of the individual groups of the SCA are organized in a sort of medieval structure. Our local group is a Barony. Most of the SCA Baronies are made up of multiple groups, for example the Barony Middle Marches to the south of us is made up of several smaller groups called Marches, such as the March of Three Towers (Mansfield Ohio). Our Barony is rather unique in that it currently has no sub groups. All Baronies have a Baron or Baroness.
A local group (larger than a shire and has a Baron and/or Baroness)
A large branch within and subject to the administration of a kingdom (or principality, if any). Baronies possess a Baron and/or Baroness, ceremonial representatives appointed by the Crown, and therefore have the ability to create and administer awards. Baronies must have at least 25 subscribing members. Local Groups in Atlantia
The fee or domain of a baron; the lordship, dignity, or rank of a baron.
the rank or dignity or position of a baronet or baroness
1) the domain of a baron. 2) the rank, title or dignity of a baron.
In Ireland, a territorial division, corresponding nearly to the English hundred, and supposed to have been originally the district of a native chief. There are 252 of these baronies. In Scotland, an extensive freehold. It may be held by a commoner.
Name given to administrative divisions of certain counties. (Frame, Robin. Colonial Ireland, 1169-1369, 144) Land held as a grant directly from the king. (Sayles, George O. The King's Parliament of England, 143) Related terms: Baron / Baronage / Cantred
A noble household with no less than 40 colors. A Baron rules baronies.
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A small portion of land within a duchy that is ruled by a baron or baroness. There are usually many baronies within a strong duchy.
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A part of the known world governed by a Baron / Baroness.
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the estate of a baron