Definitions for "BAROMETER"
An ingenious instrument which indicates what kind of weather we are having.
an instrument designed to measure atmospheric pressure.
An instrument used to measure air pressure. The international standard of measurement is the kilopascal although millibars and inches of mercury are also commonly used.
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a type of manometer
a well manometer
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dipole Hess's law miscibility reaction mechanism van der Waal's equation
a device for predicting weather altimeter
a device for predicting weather changes,
a handy thing in the NW where summer weather can vary greatly from day-to-day, and often does better than the weatherman at forcasting the near-term weather
To see a barometer in a dream, foretells a change will soon take place in your affairs, which will prove profitable to you. If it is broken, you will find displeasing incidents in your business, arising unexpectedly.
Economic and market data used to indicate overall trends. Examples are unemployment rates, interest rates, consumer spending, and housing starts.
Economic and market data that represent an overall trend. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an example of a stock market barometer.
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provides a quick "snapshot" view of the status of the studies at any particular point.
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a tournament arrangement in which players learn the scores of some of the deals prior to the end of play.
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