Definitions for "bare"
Keywords:  hills, bald, meager, desolate, bleak
Plain; simple; unadorned; without polish; bald; meager.
without the natural or usual covering; "a bald spot on the lawn"; "bare hills"
providing no shelter or sustenance; "bare rocky hills"; "barren lands"; "the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes"; "the desolate surface of the moon"; "a stark landscape"
(slang) unprotected; not accompanied by low cards. [bare king = singleton king; queen-jack bare = doubleton queen-jack].
lacking in amplitude or quantity; "a bare livelihood"; "a scanty harvest"; "a spare diet"
Exactly so, with nothing to spare. The slang element in its use was due only to the unnecessarily frequent usage to which the word was put rather than to any corruption of orthodox meaning.
Keywords:  denude, lay, winter, forest, branches
lay bare; "bare your breasts"; "bare your feelings"
lay bare; "denude a forest"
denuded of leaves; "the bare branches of winter"
Keywords:  album, lennox, jungr, annie, barb
Bare is an 1999 album by Barb Jungr.
Bare is a 2003 album by Annie Lennox.
Without clothes or covering; stripped of the usual covering; naked; as, his body is bare; the trees are bare.
To strip off the covering of; to make bare; as, to bare the breast.
completely unclothed; "bare bodies"; "naked from the waist up"; "a nude model"
Without adequate insurance, especially for a business.
just barely adequate or within a lower limit; "a bare majority"; "a marginal victory"
Bare is one of the 47 woredas in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Afder Zone, Bare is bordered on the south by Somalia, on the southwest by Dolobay, on the northwest by Afder, on the north by Mierab Emi, and on the east by Shebelle River which separates it from the Gode Zone. The major town in Bare is Bare.
Without anything to cover up or conceal one's thoughts or actions; open to view; exposed.
Mere; alone; unaccompanied by anything else; as, a bare majority.
That part of a roofing slate, shingle, tile, or metal plate, which is exposed to the weather.
Destitute; indigent; empty; unfurnished or scantily furnished; -- used with of (rarely with in) before the thing wanting or taken away; as, a room bare of furniture.
lacking a surface finish such as paint; "bare wood"; "unfinished furniture"
SUBSTRATE: Any material (steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.) which does not have a coating of paint or primer.
Keywords:  threadbare, worn
Threadbare; much worn.
Keywords:  preterit, bore, old, bear
Bore; the old preterit of Bear, v.
having extraneous everything removed including contents; "the bare walls"; "the cupboard was bare"
Keywords:  uncovered, head
With head uncovered; bareheaded.
Keywords:  welfare, opinions, aired, public, her
make public; "She aired her opinions on welfare"
Keywords:  substance, surface, body
Surface; body; substance.