Definitions for "BARDO"
An intermediate state following on death, and before the aggregates of the individual take re-birth. It is usually considered to last for 49 days. The Tibetan Book of the Dead explains the Bardo teachings.
The intermediate stage (or stages) between death and rebirth.
The interval of consciousness between the end of one life and rebirth into another, or any other of the six distinctive intervals of consciousness, such as dream, waking, meditation, etc.
Bardo was a male/female pop music duo (Sally-Ann Triplett and Stephen Fischer) formed to represent the United Kingdom in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "One Step Further". Triplett, a children's TV presenter (Crackerjack), was previously a member of the UK's 1980 Eurovision act Prima Donna. Fischer was a singer and actor.
The after-life reality through which we travel as we process our life review, confronting emotional situations and unfinished business to see if we have sufficiently released seeds of karma to be freed from their influence.