Definitions for "Barcode"
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A set of vertical bars and half bars translated from the nine-digit ZIP code. The barcode is used to accelerate the sorting of mail and allow mailers to take advantage of postage rates.
1.) a machine-readable code typically in the form of parallel lines of variable height or spacing sprayed in a row on the front or back of a cover by the U.S. Postal Service or mailer. The POSTNET barcode is used to expedite the sorting and delivery of mail. Other barcodes are used for tracing and tracking mail and are used in indicia for security purposes. 2.) a machine-readable code used by the BEP as part of their Electronic Stamp Inspection process. Barcodes are sprayed onto the margins of all coil and booklet stamps to facilitate the identification and removal of defective stamps. While these bar codes are usually trimmed off in the manufacturing process, booklet panes do exist with a barcode in the selvage tab.
A labeling method comprised of a series of black bars, used for highly efficient electronic tracking or distribution. There are several different barcode standards, or symbologies, in use today. UPC-A and UPC-E are used in grocery stores. Code 39 is a common inventory tracking code. The Post Office uses an ASCII-based barcode to expedite processing and delivery, and offers lower postage rates for mail pieces that are barcoded. Also see UPC.
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a universal way of identifying a product of any sort
Zebra stripes that are found on the back of your GWorld card as well as on a sticker on a book.
a band of black stripes used to identify products and objects. These are frequently referred to as zebra stripe.
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a visually diagrammed alpha-numerical sequence of digits
An eight digit serial number.
The 14-digit number on the back of your UMUC student identification card
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a wonderful thing
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Rules at the Local Pub
found usually at the bottom margin of letters -- used in automated postal systems.
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a very specific graphics document