Definitions for "barbell"
A bar to which heavy discs are attached at each end; -- it is used for weightlifting exercises.
The entire bar that is lifted, including the weight discs and collars.
A long metal bar (used for free weight training) on which weights are placed. The Olympic bar is a common variation of a standard barbell that weighs 44 lbs. ( 20kg. ) and has rotating sleeves that allow for wrist rotation.
a fleshy, flap like or whisker like appendage (very small and hard to see on some minnows) found near the mouth. Used as a sensory organ. A good example is on the shovelnose sturgeon.
A bond management strategy where the portfolio is invested primarily in short-term and long-term bonds, but in few bonds with intermediate maturities. In theory, this approach allows one portion of the portfolio to take advantage of high yields, while the other portion tempers risk.
A barbell is when you invest in securities of multiple maturities to limit the risk of fluctuating prices by concentrating your holdings in long and short maturities.
A way to structure a bond portfolio using equal proportions of long and short bonds to create a portfolio with the price volatility of an intermediate bond.
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