Definitions for "Bar graph"
a representation of data in which the length of a rectangle or bar is used to represent a numerical amount; a bar graph typically has spaces between the bars; for example
Graph, which uses bars to show the rate of change instead of another quantity, such as time, by the length of bars representing quantity or value. Useful to visualize how closely actual activity matches original goals.
A graph with horizontal or vertical bars, commonly used to show the values of unrelated items.
a frequency distribution diagram in which each bar represents a characteristic, and the height of the bar represents the frequency of that characteristic
a graphical device for depicting qualitative data that have been summarized in a frequency distribution
A diagram showing a system of connections or interrelations between two or more things by using bars
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a great way to show how the independent variables stack up against each other
a much clearer way to communicate the results
a display of partial pressure versus mass
a visual display used to compare the amounts or frequency of occurrence of different characteristics of data