Definitions for "Bar code"
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A small label with closely spaced stripes that can be read by a computer. Used to expedite the checking in and out of library materials.
A printed code consisting of a series of vertical bars that vary in width. Bar codes are capable of being "read" and decoded by bar code scanners. Bar codes are used to identify retail sales items, identification cards, library books and other products. They are also utilized to manage work in progress, to track documents and for many other automated identification applications.
The encoding of alphanumeric characters by a series of varying thickness bars to be read by a scanning device.
them's the fightn' rules down at the local tavern
The rules you follow in a cocktail lounge.
Them's the fight'n rules down da local tavern.
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Small vertical lines on face of envelope at bottom that are read by post office equipment to show city and state address.
standard set of vertical lines used to convey bib- number information directly to a computer.
Bottom- up Estimating Built-in Function
a reference number on a product that a computer uses to look up associated records, which contain descriptive data and other pertinent information
a "score" of information waiting to be played upon
A system of stripes and bars printed on the back cover of a book. Used universally in the book industry for automated ordering and inventory systems.
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a must for retail sales
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a set of binary numbers
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