Definitions for "Bannock"
Keywords:  oatmeal, barley, scone, griddle, cake
A kind of cake or bread, in shape flat and roundish, commonly made of oatmeal or barley meal and baked on an iron plate, or griddle; -- used in Scotland and the northern counties of England.
A large, round traditional Scottish cake of made from barley, wheat or oatmeal, varying according to region.
a flat bread made of oat or barley flour; common in New England and Scotland
A Native American group of Northern Paiute speakers who lived in the Snake River plain of the Great Basin. They were buffalo hunters who lived with the Shoshone speakers in peaceful cooperation. During 1867-1868, both groups were moved to the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho where they live today.
The Bannock are a Native American people who traditionally lived in the northern Great Basin in what is now southeastern Oregon and Southern Idaho. They speak the Northern Paiute Language and are closely related to the Northern Paiute people. Some anthropologists consider the Bannock to be simply the northern-most bands of the Northern Paiute.