Definitions for "banding"
Digital Video: A color artifact caused when a gradual shading of colors in the original image is reduced to single-colored blocks or bands.
A kind of printing defect. Your printed image suffers from banding if you see narrow horizontal lines across it. This can be caused by one or more faulty printheads, or by the printer advancing the printing material too much or too little between one pass of the printheads and the next.
Defect in halftone screens or screen tints output by laser printers or imagesetters in which parallel breaks (stair steps) or streaks appear in the dot pattern.
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A strip or stripe of a contrasting color or material.
A plain or patterned strip of veneer used to make decorative borders.
Decorative slip bands encircling a vessel. Archaeologists refer to these as "annular" wares.
the process of applying rubber bands to the tail or scrotum for docking and castrating.
Application of rubber or plastic bands to bleeding vessels.
Treatment of varices by the placing of surgical rubber bands around the varices during endoscopy (see later).
process of cementing bands to the teeth.
The process of fitting and cementing orthodontic bands to your teeth.
The process of cementing orthodontics bands to teeth.
Routine procedure by licensed and permitted banders to place authorized US Fish & Wildlife Service aluminum or plastic bands on the legs of birds' feet. Records are kept of these banded birds so that when the bird is captured, found injured or dead, it can be identified as to where it came from, who banded, etc Bird banding is a universal and indispensable technique for studying the movement, survival and behavior of birds. The North American Bird Banding Program is jointly administered by the United States Department of the Interior and the Canadian Wildlife Service. Their respective banding offices have similar functions and policies and use the same bands, reporting forms and data formats. Joint coordination of the program dates back to 1923. The following links are to The Patuxent Bird Banding Lab, Laurel, MD: All About Bird Bands How to Report a Bird Band Why Band Birds Who Bands Birds? How Many Birds are Banded? All About Bird Markers Brief History of Bird Banding Resources for Banders Longevity Records by Species Number
The placement of a numbered metal band on the leg (or less commonly) wing of a bird in an effort to individualize the bird and thereby discover certain facts of its life history. To legally band Purple Martins (or any species of native wild bird) a person must have both state and federal bird banding permits.
A research activity in which birds are captured, examined, measured, and banded by having a metal band placed around their leg. Each band has a unique number, so if the bird is ever recaptured or recovered, data can be shared with the original banding station.
An artificial narrowing of the pulmonary artery with a "band" to reduce blood flow to the lungs.
making the pulmonary artery narrower with a band to reduce blood flow to the lungs
The placement of fertilizer in the soil in narrow bands, usually away from the seed or plant. The fertilizer bands are covered by the soil but not mixed into the soil.
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Giemsa banding
The location of stock in bands at different rack levels depending upon its turnover and in such a way as to minimize order picker travel . The fastest movers are placed at the most convenient levels for picking (generally the first and second rack levels), with the slower moving items placed at floor and higher levels. High-level order picker trucks are normally used to facilitate selection from higher levels.
The process of applying catergories, bands or levels to hospitals, which enable Insurers to reflect the accommodation charges and thereby the premium charged. Please note that banding does not attempt to classify or in any way reflect the standard of medical care likely to be received, it merely demonstrates the cost that the hospital charges.
A foliar symptom characterized by a limited zone of necrotic or discolored tissue traversing the leaf, e.g., the band of tissue on a pine needle injured by SO2 or 03.
a technique, used to study our genes, in which chromosomes are stained with fluorescent or chemical dyes to determine their characteristics.
Areas of light and dark staining on chromosomes.
The series of darkly and lightly stained stripes across a chromosome produced by a variety of chemical treatments. Each chromosome has its own characteristic banding pattern which allows specific identification of chromosomes or parts of chromosomes.
bands, unwanted steps in ramps (similar to year rings of trees). Often seen in ray tracing, rendering or compositing and colour corrections done afterwards to a smaller colour space (8-bit/colour).
What happens when colours can't fade together because not enough colours are available to be used.
Distinct bands of colour in a cross-wise direction.
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Pitchtest / Pitchtest Form
A video problem when dark bars appear across the displayed image in areas where there is movement.
An unwanted pattern in the planned effect that runs in the direction of the lens. Depending on the effect, this pattern is static while the effect is taking place. This is primarily due to to a resolution mismatch between the interlaced image and the imaging device. back
A video problem of dark bars appearing across the displayed image in areas where there is movement.
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edging of thinly cut wood laid in a design such as herringbone.
The surgical obliteration by constriction of the abnormal veins.
see Pupil grouping.
A method used by some schools for allocating pupils to teaching groups by ability.
Joining members by wrapping them with a thin band of hot metal, then pounding down the overlapped ends to forge-weld them. (Also see collaring)
A flat horizontal fascia, or a continuous member or series of moldings projecting slightly from the wall plane, encircling a building or along a wall that makes a division in the wall.
A letter code in the range A – I, each representing a specific range (or band) of property market values. In England the value is as at 1 April 1991; in Wales it is as at 1 April 2003. All domestic property is given one of these bands for the administration of council tax bills. There are different valuation bands in England and in Wales.
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The material, usually wire or nylon, wrapped around bales to secure them.
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Action of fixing copper wire ties to panels of glass
Portion of wood extending around one or more sides of plywood panels.
Segregation of alloying elements in a metal, seen as parallel bands, in the direction of rolling
Based on the principle of economy of size, premiums are often banded, so that larger size policies are charged a more favorable rate than smaller policies.
Creating groups of customers or prospects based on selected criteria.
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Steel, plastic, fiber or other bands used to secure or protect rolls, sheets, loads, etc.