Definitions for "Bananas"
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Very young wines, especially those that have been fermented cold, have traces of amyl acetate. As every schoolboy knows, this smells like pear drops, but in tiny quantities, it's more like bananas.
very young wines--tank samples, wines which have undergone a very cold fermentation or freshly bottled wines--will often smell like bananas. The component responsible for this is iso-amyl acetate, which diminishes with age. Some nouveaux Beaujolais display this in spades.
n-pentyl acetate, CH3COC5H11 ( oil of pears) ...
Potassium, soothing on stomach, natural sugar source
Botanically they belong to the group of berrys, growing on the Pisang plant (banana tree). When they are not ripe yet they have a green coloured skin and a hard, creme-coloured and tasteless pulp. Ripe bananas are yellow in their skin colour and have a yellow, tasty pulp. On the other side there is the sugar banana, coming from South Asia, and often used as decoration for Longdrinks, Fancy drinks and Tropicanas as well as for syrup, also known as Adams-, Paradise- or Pisangfigs. Known product: Riemerschmid Banana (fruit syrup)
These are rich in magnesium, which helps guard the circulatory system. The body slowly absorbs the natural sugars, which are found in bananas. Bananas are also a good source of soluble fiber, B6, vitamin C, and potassium.
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Bananas is the 17th studio album by the British band Deep Purple, released in 2003. It includes "Contact Lost", a short, slow instrumental about the Columbia astronauts, written by guitarist Steve Morse when he heard the sad news of the crash. "I've Got Your Number" was a track originally entitled "Off the Wall" that was previewed on several live dates a few years earlier.
Bananas is a film written and directed by Woody Allen in 1971 and starring him and Louise Lasser.
Staple diet of Andrew KING, an Organist to the Moravians. See GIBBON and Chronicles Chap XII
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Many newly available kinds are in the market place. For a variety in taste try red bananas, finger bananas, or citrus bananas.