Definitions for "Ball Game"
Keywords:  mesoamerica, popol, mayan, vuh, crazy
A keno game that uses plastic balls to represent the numbers. This is the most common type of keno game today.
in the Mayan ball game, the players would strike the ball with their hips and try to knock the ball through a hoop. The game had high stakes, though, depending on the area, either the winner or loser of the game would be sacrificed. In the Popol Vuh, the loser gets sacrificed. And you think Central Americans are crazy about soccer today
Games played on an I shaped field, with a rubber ball. The ball was kept in play with the arms and legs, but not the hands or feet. The size of the ball varied over time, as did the rules of the game. Played through Mesoamerica, and into what is now the Southwest United States. Maya kings frequently listed one of the titles as being a ball-player.