Definitions for "Balanced diet"
A balanced diet means eating a wide variety of foods to give you all the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. For most of us, that means eating more fruit and vegetables, more fibre, less fat and cutting down on sugar, alcohol and salt. Aim to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg each day.
Eating enough of the proper nutrients in the correct proportions to help the body remain healthy and to help the mother properly nourish a new baby.
combination of food choices from each of the five basic food groups; gives the body the nutrients needed for good health.
a biscuit in each hand
a bun in each hand
a burger in each hand
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a prerequisite to high yield
an integral part of a balanced lifestyle
a very important part of any camp experience
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a basic part of good health at all times but especially just prior to and during pregnancy
a basic part of good health at all times in your life
a fundamental key to a positive state of mind and emotional well being
a substantial factor in reducing stress