Definitions for "baked"
Keywords:  roasted, bouquet, burnt, insipid, odor
A taste and odor taint that gives the coffee brew a flat bouquet and insipid taste. The result of the roasting process proceeding with too little heat over too long a period. Generally unpleasant characteristic of having an over-baked taste in an over-heated coffee. Ranks in the following order of intensity: cooked, baked or burnt.
A taste and odour that gives the coffee a flat aroma and bland taste. It is the result of the roasting process taking too long because insufficient heat is created. Roasting terminology ranks this unpleasant characteristic in three levels of intensity: cooked, baked or burnt.
Taster's term for a flavor defect where coffee is dull from lack of acidity, usually from roasting too long.
Term used negatively when characteristics of a wine indicate overripeness. Wine can either have been poorly made or at some point in its life become too warm or oxidized. Sometimes also referred to as 'cooked.'
Descriptive term for a wine that is alcoholic due to an overly hot harvest.
fruit flavours that have lost their freshness, due to overripe grapes or overheating in the fermentation process
Keywords:  pastries, oven, bread, cooked, heat
dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight.
cooked with dry heat in an oven; -- of bread and pastries.
(of bread and pastries) cooked by dry heat (as in an oven); "baked goods"
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To be under the effects of Cannabis