Definitions for "Bailiff"
A sheriff's deputy, appointed to make arrests, collect fines, summon juries, etc.
A court officer who assists in court proceedings, serves court documents and carries out court orders eg: warrants to sell property.• Civil Courts• Debts - for Creditors• Debts - for Debtors• Land - Rights of Land Owners
a court attendant who has the authority of keeping order in the courtroom.
Originally, a person put in charge of something; especially, a chief officer, magistrate, or keeper, as of a county, town, hundred, or castle; one to whom powers of custody or care are intrusted.
An overseer or under steward of an estate, who directs husbandry operations, collects rents, etc.
bailie, bailo] Manorial official, overseer of the manor, chosen by the lord. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 229) Chief representative of a lord on a manor (usually an outsider appointed by the lord). (Bennett, Judith M. Women in the Medieval English Countryside, 234) Related terms: Bailli
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Shows a striving for a higher place, and a deficiency in intellect. If the bailiff comes to arrest, or make love, false friends are trying to work for your money.
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a duly appointed agent under contract with the City of Toronto to recover outstanding property taxes
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Balance breakdown Balance sheet
a person authorised to collect a debt for a creditor