Definitions for "Bad Beat"
A bad beat is a loss in which the losing player had the better odds on the winning player earlier in the hand. In general, the term is used when all the chips go in the pot when the losing player had odds. To take a bad beat means to be on the losing end of a bad beat; to lay a bad beat means to be on the winning end of a bad beat.
When a very good hand – one that would normally win the pot is beaten.
When a strong poker hand is beaten by a better poker hand. Sometimes, an online poker room may offer a free poker bonus for the poker player who is on the receiving end of such an occurrence within a specified time period. Normally, the minimum requirement is to be beaten with four of a kind. A bad beat also refers to moments when the stronger poker hand is outdrawn by a much weaker poker hand that had poor poker odds and therefore little chance of improving.
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Tough betting loss
a tough loss, e.g., when unwanted points are scored against your wager in the dying seconds of an event, or your horse loses by a nose, after leading all the way.
Tough Loss Hot Trip Info the bookie doesn't know yet
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A term used by gamblers to describe a run of bad luck.
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A hard loss.