Definitions for "Bad"
Wanting good qualities, whether physical or moral; injurious, hurtful, inconvenient, offensive, painful, unfavorable, or defective, either physically or morally; evil; vicious; wicked; -- the opposite of good; as, a bad man; bad conduct; bad habits; bad soil; bad air; bad health; a bad crop; bad news.
nonstandard; "so-called bad grammar"
British Association of Dermatologists
Bad is an album of recorded music by pop music icon Michael Jackson, released in 1987. After the monumental success of Thriller, Jackson and co-producer/collaborator Quincy Jones produced a slicker funk/pop confection. Bad achieved 8x platinum status in the United States, and has sold an estimated 30 million copies worldwide. Michael Jackson's worldwide album sales Jackson set another record with this album, becoming the first (and currently, only) artist to have five songs to hit #1 from one album. Jackson's History in the 1980s on Michael Jackson's official website In July 2006, it was announced by the The Official UK Charts Company that Bad was the ninth biggest selling album in British history. at the BPI It turned out to be the last collaborative effort by Jackson and Jones, as Jackson moved on to write and produce more of his own records.
"Bad" was a 1987 hit recording by pop singer Michael Jackson.
having undesirable or negative qualities; "a bad report card"; "his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"; "a bad little boy"; "clothes in bad shape"; "a bad cut"; "bad luck"; "the news was very bad"; "the reviews were bad"; "the pay is bad"; "it was a bad light for reading"; "the movie was a bad choice"
Bea: When a heavily favored hand is beaten by a huge underdog by the wildest of luck.
Experienced negatively (unpleasantly), or more negatively than positively, by a being or group of beings.
Bipolar affective disorder. Another term for bipolar disorder (previously manic-depressive disorder)
Bipolar Affective Disorder. A mood disorder with revolving periods of mania and depression.
Bank Accounts Debit Tax. State or Territory government tax (except ACT) on withdrawals from accounts on which a cheque can be drawn.
State or Territory government tax (accept ACT) on withdrawals from accounts on which a cheque may be drawn
Things that individuals prefer to avoid if possible, i.e., would accept only if they are compensated for accepting. For example, rational investors would not invest in risky assets unless they get compensated an amount that it commensurate with the riskiness of the asset. Thus, risk is said to be bad. Another example would be pollution.
not financially safe or secure; "a bad investment"; "high risk investments"; "anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky"; "speculative business enterprises"
feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad'); "my throat feels bad"; "she felt bad all over"; "he was feeling tough after a restless night"
keenly sorry or regretful; "felt bad about letting the team down"; "was sorry that she had treated him so badly"; "felt bad about breaking the vase"
(of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition; "bad meat"; "a refrigerator full of spoilt food"
unacceptable; deserving of punishment.
A bad is a product, either tangible or non-tangible, which yields disutility to a consumer when it is consumed. Contrast with goof and service.
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characterized by wickedness or immorality; "led a very bad life"
reproduced fraudulently; "like a bad penny..."; "a forged twenty dollar bill"
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very intense; "a bad headache"; "in a big rage"; "had a big (or bad) shock"; "a bad earthquake"; "a bad storm"
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very much; strongly; "I wanted it badly enough to work hard for it"; "the cables had sagged badly"; "they were badly in need of help"; "he wants a bicycle so bad he can taste it"
Address given is bad or incomplete (no apt. #, incomplete address, non-existent address, etc.). This code is also used if given address is a private mailbox rental company.
not capable of being collected; "a bad (or uncollectible) debt"
capable of harming; "bad habits"; "bad air"; "smoking is bad for you"
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physically unsound or diseased; "has a bad back"; "a bad heart"; "bad teeth"; "an unsound limb"; "unsound teeth"
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Glossary under revision.
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below average in quality or performance; "a bad chess player"; "a bad recital"
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German for bath.
not working properly; "a bad telephone connection"; "a defective appliance"