Definitions for "Bacteria"
See Bacterium.
One of the two domains of prokaryotes (the other is the Archaea), comprising most common microbes.
Tiny, one-celled organisms that are often the cause of infections. People with CF are prone to bacterial lung infections (often caused by Staphylococcus aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa). However, some bacteria normally found in the body are helpful. For example, Escherichia coli lives in the intestines and helps with digestion.
Ibuprofen Relaxant
Ibuprofen Radiography
Immunohistochemistry Radiography
Hypogonadism Saline
Hypogonadism Retinopathy
Hyperacusis Psychiatry
Hyperthermia Psychiatry
Immunogenic Reagent
Immunogenic Prevalence
Keywords:  cafeteria, door, entrance, rear, back
Rear entrance to a cafeteria
Back door of cafeteria
back door to a cafeteria
Hemorrhage Postoperative
Hemorrhage Progeria
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See Coliform Bacteria.
See enterococci and faecal coliforms.
Infertility Radiotherapy
Immunotherapy Radiotherapy
Hypertension Purpura
Hypertension Rimantadine
Hepatitis Prolapse
Hepatic Pyelonephritis
Cause a wide variety of conditions such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and typhoid and may be contained in manure that enters drinking water sources. Such water-borne diseases are relatively rare in the United States today due to advanced water treatment methods in use; however, contaminated wells which are not disinfected could be hazardous to health.
Hypnotic Receptor
Implantation Receptor
Hunger Receptor
Intravenous Respiratory
Induction Prostate
Immunity Induction Respiratory
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Keywords:  hyperbilirubinemia
Keywords:  hematuria
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Keywords:  stomatitis
Hydration Potassium
Hybridization Potassium
Heredity Potassium
Hypersensitivity Rhinovirus
Keywords:  riboflavin
Keywords:  rebeccamycin, incubation
Incubation Rebeccamycin
Hypoglycemia Psychotherapy
Keywords:  hepatocellular, protease
Hepatocellular Protease
Keywords:  interleukins, radiology
Interleukins Radiology
Keywords:  instillation, saliva
Instillation Saliva
Keywords:  sarcoma, lethal
Lethal Sarcoma
Keywords:  selenium
Keywords:  hypokinesia, retina
Hypokinesia Retina
Keywords:  hypoxia, physiologic
Hypoxia Physiologic
Intestinal Proximal
Intestinal Presbyopia
Intestinal Sclerosis Seizures
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Keywords:  rheumatoid
fertile protein
Lipoprotein Proteins
Hypertrophy Proteins
Keywords:  procollagen, hormones
Hormones Procollagen
Keywords:  polymorphic
An unseen, but dangerous organism that occurs in all water. Bacteria are controlled by the use of disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine.
Dry Acid Stabilized Chlorinating Products
Make-Up (Fill) Water Saturation Index (SI)
Immunization Pulmonary
Immunity Precancerous
Immunity Seizures
Keywords:  inguinal, randomized
Inguinal Randomized
Keywords:  herpes, recombinant
Herpes Recombinant
Keywords:  genotype, phenotype
Genotype Phenotype
Bacteria (also known as rabbit programs) are a type of malware that create many instances of themselves, or run many times simultaneously, in order to consume large amounts of system resources. This creates a denial of service effect as legitimate programs may no longer me able to run, or at least may not run properly.
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Glucose Plague
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Bacteria is a clone of the game Dr. Mario that allows multiple players to compete over a network.
Keywords:  coccus, circular, rod, shape, called
a rod shape or a circular shape called a coccus
(a stick), common name for the class Schizomycetes.
Keywords:  recurrence, inflammation
Inflammation Recurrence
Keywords:  undertaking, important
an important undertaking
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Humoral Pulse
Keywords:  progressive
Harmful bacteria can live in bedding under the right conditions.