Definitions for "backstage"
Keywords:  offstage, audience, sight, props, crew
the area on the stage out of sight of the audience.
All areas related to, but not on, the stage, including dressing rooms, technical areas, etc.
The area behind and around what you see on stage. “Backstage” may include the wings, dressing rooms and other nifty out-of-sight places. Some plays, such as Michael Frayn’s farce, Noises Off, and Ronald Harwood’s poignant drama, The Dresser, actually portray life backstage. It can be pretty intense.
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Backstage is the fourth studio album, released by singer Cher. The album was produced by Sonny Bono and was published under Imperial Records. The album was a flop and it failed to chart.
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concealed from the public; in private.