Definitions for "Bac"
Blood alcohol Concentration. The percentage of alcohol present in a person's blood.• Drink Driving
Blood or breath alcohol concentration. The usual ratio standards are the number of grams of alcohol either per 100 milliliters of blood, or per 210 liters of breath.
Refers to either blood alcohol concentration, stated as grams per 100 milliliters (or deciliter) of blood, or breath alcohol concentration, stated as grams per 210 liters of breath.
Bacterial artificial chromosome. A large-insert cloning system that utilizes a small cloning vector based on the Escherichia coli F factor. It incorporates an antibiotic-resistance marker, cloning sites and rare-cutter restriction sites for mapping.
Bacterial artificial chromosome. A vector capable of replication in bacteria that is used to clone 100 to 300 kb DNA fragments into E. coli cells.
An acronym for Bacterial Artifical Chromosome. Low copy number plasmid vectors that allow stable cloning very large DNA fragments (often 100 Kb or more).
Budget and Administrative Committee
Bangkok AIDS Committee; Bangkok AIDS Center
See Budget At Completion.
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Boletí n de Alerta Climá tica
Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, a subtype of NSCLC.
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lood lcohol ontent (or Count).
One of the most famous passenger aircraft of all time and the perhaps one of the most elegant of fighters that never made it into production from the same stable. If you would like to see more pictures our photographic library is available on cd. Search for BAC books on
British Association for Counselling
British Aircraft Corporation
Business Assistance Center Ford's call center group
Business Administration Center. division of CIT that manages CIT's central adminstrative activities
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A vat or cistern. See 1st Back.
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Battle Area Clearance. The term used for the clearance of all mines and UXO from an area of land.
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A broad, flat-bottomed ferryboat, usually worked by a rope.
An integrated solution for data-over-cable service providers to configure and manage broadband modems, and enable and administer subscriber self-registration and activation. BAC is a scalable product capable of supporting millions of devices.
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Bank of America Corp
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Balanced Asynchronous ClassÆ1/2ºâ²Ù×÷µÄÒì²1/2·1/2Ê1/2
Biological Activated Carbon (water treatment)
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Business Associate Code.
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Back at computer