Definitions for "Babes in Toyland"
Babes in Toyland were an all-women band formed in Minneapolis in 1987. Members included Kat Bjelland (guitar and vocals), Lori Barbero (drums) and Michelle Leon (bass), who left the band and was replaced by Maureen Herman in 1992.
Babes in Toyland (re-released in 1948 as March of the Wooden Soldiers, alternative titles Laurel and Hardy in Toyland, Revenge Is Sweet, Wooden Soldiers) is a 1934 musical comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy. Based on Victor Herbert's popular 1903 operetta Babes in Toyland, the film was produced by Hal Roach, directed by Charley Rogers and Gus Meins, and released to theatres on November 12, 1934 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film was later remade into a Technicolor version in 1961 by Walt Disney, but with an entirely different plot, although it featured most of the same characters.
Babes in Toyland is a 1903 operetta by Victor Herbert, which wove together various characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes into a musical — mainly because librettist Glen Mac Donough wanted to cash in on the Wizard of Oz phenomena sweeping Broadway that year. It features some of Herbert's most famous songs - among them "Toyland", "March of the Toys", "Go To Sleep, Slumber Deep", and "I Can't Do The Sum". The title song "Toyland" and "March of the Toys" occasionally show up on Christmas compilations.