Definitions for "Award letter"
Submenu An award letter is an official document issued by the Financial Aid Office that indicates the maximum awards for which you are currently eligible. The award letter identifies the amount, source and type of aid by enrollment period. The award letter provides details on factors used in determining your eligibility for aid including residency, dependency status, class level, planned enrollment, and estimated cost of attendance. Awards are subjected to change based on the availability of funds and changes in your eligibility. You will receive a “revised” award letter if your awards are adjusted.
When the State of Maryland offers you a scholarship or grant, the Office of Student Financial Assistance will send you an official award letter. This letter will list the name of the scholarship or grant, how much money you will receive and which school the award is for. You must sign, date and initial that you accept or reject the award and return the letter to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.
Notification sent to you from the Financial Aid Office if you asked for campus-based financial aid. Your award letter indicates your financial aid package and the basis for calculating your financial need. You are required to sign the original letter, indicating whether you accept or decline the program(s) awarded, and return it to the Financial Aid Office before you may receive program funds.