Definitions for "AVS "
AVS5 is Advanced Visual Systems' original data visualization programming environment for end-users. It enables users to analyze, manipulate and display large volumes of complex data, including 2D and 3D images, 3D graphics and multidimensional numeric data. AVS5 is a commercial application.
"Adult Verification System" - This is one of the many ways to make some cash out of the adult biz, as well as a way to make sure minors aren't accessing all the dirty, filthy stuff you have on your sites you sicko. The AVS business model is basically a "mini paysite" model, where you have a site with content and a tour that's intended to get a surfer to sign up, thus getting you a commission. The idea is that with the AVS membership the surfer not only has access to your site, but also access to every other site on the AVS network...hopefully giving you more of a chance at making a sale and earning a commission.
Address Verification Service enables merchants to verify a cardholder's billing address before completing a transaction.
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Aortic valvular stenosis.
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Advanced Visualization Studio comes bundled with Winamp. Allows endless user customization.
Automatic Version Synchronization automatically checks for updated versions of each Internet Explorer Component every time the IEAK is run. Updated components can be downloaded from Microsoft and included in subsequent IEAK packages.
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Netherlands Stud Book
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Australian Volunteers.
Application Velocity System
Actuarial Valuation System. This is the computer system used to perform actuarial valuations.
Applicant Violation System
Adaptive Variable Suspension
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Audio/video server (To of the page)