Definitions for "AVO"
Average Vehicle Occupancy. The number of people in vehicles arriving at a work site divided by the number of vehicles arriving at the work site.
Average Vehicle Occupancy: Measure of the number of people using each automobile (sometimes AVR, for average vehicle ridership). The AVO for work trips in the SACOG region is about 1.18 persons per vehicle.
Average Vehicle Occupancy - The average number of persons in a vehicle.
Apprehended Violence Order. is an order made in a NSW Local Court that protects the complainant from the defendant. AVOs are divided into "domestic" and "personal" complaints. See Domestic Relationships for a definition of the parties covered by domestic orders. A personal AVO can be lodged against a neighbour or any other person not in a domestic relationship with the complainant.
Avoid verbal orders.
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announcer voice-over. Announcer reads a script (often but not always live) over pictures. When there’s a clip, it’s…an AVO-clip, or VO-clip. Other terms include: VCV (voice-clip-voice), VOSOT (VoiceOver/Sound On Tape)
Amplitude Variation with Offset
Amplitude versus offset is a seismic interpretation technique that analyzes variations in amplitude as a function of offset, in certain circumstances, it is an indirect hydrocarbon indicator
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100 avos equal 1 pataca
Australian Valuation Office Website
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Audio Video Objects
Audio Visual Object