Definitions for "AVI"
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Audio Video Interleave. AVI is a video file format.
Audio Video Interleave; a file format for multimedia and animations developed by Microsoft Corporation
Audio Video Interleafed A sound and video file format developed for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is based on the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) specification. A special player is required to play these files.
AVI systems permit individual vehicles to be uniquely identified as they pass though a detection area. A roadside communications unit broadcasts an interrogation signal from its antenna. When an AVI-equipped vehicle comes within range of the antenna, a transponder (or tag) in the vehicle returns that vehicle's identification number to the roadside unit. The information is then transmitted to a central computer where it is processed. The most common application of AVI technology is for automatically collecting tolls on tollways.
Automatic Vehicle Identification. A system which combines an on-board tag or transponder with roadside receiver for the automated identification of vehicles. Used for electronic toll collection, stolen vehicle recovery, using vehicles as traffic probes, etc.
A system which transmits signals from an on-board tag or transponder to roadside receivers for uses such as electronic toll collection (ETC) and stolen vehicle recovery
Angular Vegetation Index. An index of vegetation cover. See Chapter 3.
Alberta Vegetation Inventory. a system for describing the quantity and quality of vegetation present. It involves the stratification and mapping of the vegetation to create digital data according to the AVI Standards Manual and associated volume tables.
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AWG (American Wire Gauge) AWM
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