Definitions for "AVG"
Short for Averaging. An option on the 6500-CX that uses three puretones and averages them for the screen display.
average mo month
Average for all column values returned by the select statement
Augustus- The Senate and Roman people conferred this title on Octavian, the emperor Augustus, in 27 BC as an acknowledgment of the services he had rendered to the state. The epithet, which signifies “revered” or “worthy of veneration” chosen for its dignified but vague significance, became attached to the first emperor, and after him became the title of sovereignty. Most of the emperors took the title as much as a sign of respect for the memory of the founder of the empire on whom it was first bestowed, as for the mark of their right to succeed him.
An index of objectives studied and a measurement of achievement. Student performance on the objectives gives AVG it's meaning as a measure of achievement. In MCS, for example, AVG becomes educationally meaningful when the percentage of objectives mastered is at least 90%. In RW, AVG becomes educationally meaningful when the percentage of exercises correctly answered is at least 60%.