Definitions for "Average daily membership"
The average number of students enrolled in school each day, regardless of attendance.
The number of students with legal settlement in the school corporation who are enrolled and attending school in the school corporation including students with legal settlement in another corporation where the parents are paying for the cost of education (cash transfer). Also, children of state employees residing on state property, children placed by the Division of Disability, Aging, and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), children placed by the Division of Mental Health (DMH), and children placed in the school corporation by county welfare, courts, or another licensed child placing agency. ADM also includes students who are enrolled in a public school and a nonpublic school, have legal settlement in a public school corporations and are receiving instructional services from the public school corporation. Students who were enrolled in the corporation in a prior year but who have not been attending or receiving services from the school corporation by the official count date cannot be included as part of the ADM. The ADM count date is the second Friday after Labor Day. Kindergarten is counted as one-half ADM.
The average daily membership for grades kindergarten through twelve attributable to the local system, as provided in each district's annual statistical summary, and includes the proportionate share of students enrolled in a public school instructional program on less than a full-time basis. [79-1003(5)] To Top Base fiscal year. The first school fiscal year following the school fiscal year in which the reorganization or unification occurred. [79-1003(6)