Definitions for "AVC"
Additional Voluntary Contribution BACS Bank Automated Clearing System CFV Current Fund Value
Additional Voluntary Contributions- Extra pension contributions which a member of an Occupational Pension Scheme makes to get additional retirement benefits.
Additional Voluntary Contributions – Non compulsory payments made by a member of an employer's pension scheme who wants to boost their retirement benefits.
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Advanced video compression, like MPEG-4.
MPEG-4, Advanced Video Coding. Commonly called H.264.
Advanced Video Codec. A new MPEG-4 standard, one of the best video coding formats available.
Abbreviation for "automatic volume control"
automatic volume control also see: AKA: Antonym: Source:
Automatic Volume Control. A process or means by which a substantially constant output volume is automatically maintained in a system or transducer.
average variable cost. variable costs divided by the quantity produced.
Average Variable Cost. Total variable cost devided by the total output of the activity or process
Average variable cost. Average variable cost (AVC) is total variable cost per unit of output. It is calculated by dividing total variable cost by output.
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The AVCs are the customised elements of value for the brand that are expected to tip the scales in favour of our brand versus the alternatives from the competitors. These are often developed locally.
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Abortive Visit Charge
Australian Vocational Certificate.
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analog voice channel
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Active Voltage Control