Definitions for "AVATARS"
Masters and Constructors of the Open Cosmos; Personal And Full Incarnations of The Creator of Universes in entrusted to them allotted work.
The appearance on Earth of a god, usually Vishnu, in human or animal form. There are ten avatars (incarnations) linked to Vishnu including Krishna and Rama. The avatars appear on Earth during evil times to help restore order and righteousness.
From the Hindu belief system: personification of a deity on Earth. Originally the terms used for the fictitious identity of a surfer (e.g. chat ID). In recent times, Avatars are used in the e-business sector, e.g. as animated (3D) characters equipped with certain technologies (fuzzy logic, voice recognition, query methods, thesaurus). This enables them to "answer" questions entered by users. They are used as "virtual shop assistants," e.g.
Your avatar is your virtual character in Project-Entropia. When your avatar is created upon first login it can not be altered later. You create your own avatar in never before seen detail.
The Avatars are fictional characters in the WB television series Charmed.