Definitions for "Avatar"
This project was created for the game development competition being put on by RIT's Society of Software Engineers in 2006-
The descent of a deity to earth, and his incarnation as a man or an animal; -- chiefly associated with the incarnations of Vishnu.
An incarnation, embodiment or personification of a principle, quality, or attitude; -- used of people, mostly in a positive sense as a manifestation of a behavior or character worthy of admiration.
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Persona created by Lethe; stored in the vox.
a character that you can personalize to express your mood at any given time. It's like a virtual you. By changing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and backgrounds, you can create your own unique persona.
Avatar is an album by psychedelic indie rock band Comets on Fire. It was released August 8, 2006 on the label Sub Pop.
Avatar is a death metal band from Craiova, Romania. The band was founded in 1996 and released its debut album The Alchemist in 2000. Their most recent release is the 2006 EP Tentacles.
Avatar is a death metal band from Sweden, founded in 2001. Its first EP 4 Reasons to Die was released in 2004, and its first album Thoughts of No Tomorrow in 2006.
"Avatar" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of The X-Files. During a difficult time in assistant director Skinner's life, he meets a woman in a bar and spends the night with her. The next morning, the woman is dead and he is accused of murder.
"Avatar" is an episode of the critically acclaimed . It aired on May 9, 1994 and was written by Michael Reaves and directed by Kevin Altieri.
Avatar is a novel by John Passarella set in the fictional universe of the U.S. television series Angel.
Avatar is an upcoming science fiction film to be directed by James Cameron. The film is expected to be released in mid-2009.
Literally means 'one who descends'. The Lord Supreme descends on this earth in whatever form to establish religion and destroy evil. While the avatars have great powers and carry out miraculous deeds, the power of the Lord Supreme is immeasurable in comparison
AVATAR is a conceptual HOTOL, SSTO spaceplane being developed by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation. AVATAR stands for Aerobic Vehicle for hypersonic Aerospace TrAnspoRtation, which is probably a backronym. It is planned to be capable of delivering a payload weighing up to 1000 kg to low earth orbit.
Small pictures that display under the username on each post when viewing a topic. Avatars can be changed in your profile and settings (such as allow/disallow uploading) edited from the configuration section of the administration panel. See also: Guide to avatars
Personal image which is shown below the username in posts. The avatar is choosen by the user and it usually reflects a personality trait, a passion or a mood.
See display picture.
The AVATAR protocol (Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator) is a system of escape sequences occasionally used on Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes). It has largely the same functionality as the more popular ANSI escape codes, but has the advantage that the escape sequences are much shorter. AVATAR can thus render colored text and artwork much faster over slow connections.
(from Twisted Cred) business logic for specific user. For example, in PB these are perspectives, in pop3 these are mailboxes, and so on.
A pseudonym and possibly a pseudo-personality adopted when participating in online social gatherings.
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Image, on the Nets or in real life, which stands in for a person. Abbreviation of " Bibi"
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An advanced soul, who returns to a physical body to teach less evolved souls. Ex. Buddha, Jesus.
A course in learning to live your life deliberately by reviewing your beliefs and realizing how they shape your experiences. This course provides tools to help release the beliefs that no longer serve you and help you create new beliefs that do serve you.
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