Definitions for "autopilot"
a device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course.
An automatic system that flies the plane without attention from the pilot.
keeps the boat on a set course. Modern devices have a built-in compass.
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a valuable helper on an IFR Tiger or Cheetah
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A proprietary product developed by Wybron in the early 1990's to interface a 3-dimensional locating system with pan and tilt functions of automated fixtures. A sensor attached to an actor or musician is used by the system to locate the actor on stage. Resulting data is can be fed to automated fixture controller to allow lights to follow actors in real time as they move around the stage. The resulting effect can be similar to that of a followspot. See Also: Followspot Automated Fixture
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a good addition but a bit pricey
Keywords:  eum, manual, built, electronic, user
A marketing name for built-in electronic user manual. See also EUM.
A system or device that controls a vehicle's flight at a preset course and altitude.