Definitions for "Automation"
The replacement of human workers by machines.
A feature that lets an engineer program control changes (such as fader level) so that upon playback of the multitrack recording these changes happen automatically
The replacement of human or animal labor by machines. One example is the use of robots or remote-controlled equipment for lifting and transporting materials.
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See ActiveX Automation.
OLE mechanism to allow an application to control another application directly.
A COM-based technology that enables dynamic binding to COM objects at run time. Automation was previously called OLE Automation and ActiveX Automation.
the process used to assemble weather pages automatically. A completely automated weather page can plot temperatures on a client's supermap, open the client's QuarkXPress document base, enter all textual information and data, place all daily maps and graphics, save the document with the date of publication and send it to a printer in Newspaper Graphics for editing.
Auto Punch Aux Send
Automatically publishing your organization chart at select intervals such as daily, weekly or monthly. In OrgPublisher 4 and above, automation requires Microsoft® Task Scheduler which is included in Internet Explorer 4.0 and up.
Functionality in a software application that communicates with, and may use some features of, another Microsoft Office program. For example, an application developed using Access may open an Excel worksheet or Word document and then populate it with information from its own tables. AKA "interoperability".
You can control and exchange information with Eudora from other programs that support the Windows Automation Interface, such as Microsoft Visual Basic. These options give you external access to Eudora mail folders, mailboxes, and messages, and to the Eudora application itself.
All aspects involved in using a computer system for such tasks as circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, interlibrary loans, etc.
Changing from manual, paperbased methods of recording , organizing, and retrieving information to computerized systems. Circulation control and cataloging are among the most widely automated library functions.
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a leading supplier of parts handling machinery for manufacturing applications
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personnel management
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a provider of design and build capability for a broad range of turn-key systems More
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See Test Automation