Definitions for "autism"
a mental disorder characterized by inability to engage in normal social interactions and intense self-absorption, and usually accompanied by other symptoms such as language dysfunctions and repetitive behavior.
behavior showing an abnormal level of absorption with one's own thoughts and disregard for external realities.
a disorder more common in boys than girls, with behavior ranging from mild to severe, that adversely affects the brainis normal development of social and communication skills and can include impaired verbal and nonverbal communication and restricted and repetitive behavior patterns.
withdrawal into one's own reality
a form of thinking in which the individual withdraws from the real world to a private world of his own. This monopolises his interest and attention, objectivity is lacking and there is a complete disregard of reality. It serves to gratify unfulfilled desires and takes the form of daydreams, fantasies and delusions.
A new category of eligibility for special education services added by IDEA.