Definitions for "Authorization"
an assertion that a specific prerogative or privilege has been defined with respect to one or more Constructs. It is an assertion represented the predicate: "(Only) may do ", where typically is a user and is an action that may be executed. See Chapter5
Verification that a principal has sufficient privilege to perform some specific operation.
The process by which a transaction is approved by the issuer, or by Visa/MasterCard on behalf of the issuer. Permission is given to (or denied) the merchant, via the acquirer, to accept a specific transaction from the cardholder account. An authorization indicates only that the card is valid and that sufficient funds are available on the cardholder's credit limit at the time the request is made.
Get approval of the insurer for medical services.
government approval for a plan or procedure. The money needed to execute what has been authorized is granted through a separate procedure (appropriation).
Approval that is often required for transportation of High Value or restricted items; may be granted by Senior Vice President, and/or others who are given that responsibility.
The act of giving authority or legal power; establishment by authority; sanction or warrant.
Basic, substantive legislation that establishes or continues (reauthorizes) the legal operation of a federal program or agency, either indefinitely or for a specific period, or which sanctions a particular type of obligation or expenditure.
The level of funding designated by Congress for specific legislation.
a written agreement to allow ACH payments to be deposited or withdrawn from an account
A written agreement with the originating company signed or similarly authenticated by an employee or customer to allow payments processed through the ACH Network to be deposited in or withdrawn from his or her account at a financial institution. Can also be a written agreement that defines the terms, conditions and legal relationship between trading partners. For ACH credit entries, authorization may also be by verbal or other non-written means. » Banking Day Any day on which a participating depository financial institution is open to the public during any part of the day for carrying on substantially all its banking functions.
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AUTOEXEC.BAT autoreply
The amount of insurance coverage an underwriter will accept on a given color of property or risk exposure.
The amount of insurance which an insurer will accept from a broker; also the limit of authority for a claims adjuster in settling losses on his/her own initiative.
The amount of insurance an underwriter says he will accept on a risk of a given class on specific property. It is given for the guidance and information of agents. (G)
The process of determining whether a person is safe and competent t o enter into tournament bouts.
The right to participate in a martial activity. Also the process of earning that right.
Extent to which a system processing requires management authorization. All relevant authorization rules must be defined as requirements and the design must include a method for implementing those rules.
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See Pre-Authorization. Also known as "Precertification."
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The power or right to act on behalf of another.
The commission to a certain person or body to act on behalf of another person or body. The person or body can be authorized e.g. to issue Bills of Lading or to collect freight.
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Number given to all purchases and sales to confirm the transfer of trade dollars from one account to another.
For some treatments, and within some types of health plan products, members and their doctors are required to work with the plan to obtain authorization before services are provided.