Definitions for "authoritarian"
characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty; -- of governments or rulers; as, an authoritarian regime
expecting unquestioning obedience: "he was imperious and dictatorial"; "the timid child of authoritarian parents"; "insufferably overbearing behavior toward the waiter"
favoring complete obedience to authority as opposed to individual freedom.
behaves like a tyrant.
Anti-democratic political stance that favors placing political power in the hands of an elite group or a dictator.
a person behaves in an tyrannical manner; "my boss is a dictator who makes everyone work overtime"
level: Basic (2) [ order by level] A form of government in which individual liberty is subjugated to a central authority.
A form of Leadership in which the Leader, directs activities from a position of power and without consideration of the view s of those being lead. [D02391] RMW
Keywords:  understood, guidance, asks, lets, know
Lets individual s know what is expected of them, gives specific guidance as to what should be done, makes his part of the group understood, schedule work to be done, and asks group members to follow standard rules and regulations.