Definitions for "Authenticate"
To prove authentic; to determine as real and true; as, to authenticate a portrait.
The process of confirming the identity of someone connecting to a network.
The act of proving something to be genuine.
To render authentic; to give authority to, by the proof, attestation, or formalities required by law, or sufficient to entitle to credit.
Proof given to a judge that shows that a piece of evidence is what it purports to be. Evidence that cannot be authenticated is usually not allowed to be shown to a jury at trial.
To offer testimony that tells the judge what an item of evidence is and its connection to the case.
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To access the Internet other than through the proxy server you must authenticate to the Firewall first. You can do this by going to
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It is the verification of an author or a web master.
To request or provide a response for a coded challenge.
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establish the authenticity of something