Definitions for "Austere"
Sour and astringent; rough to the state; having acerbity; as, an austere crab apple; austere wine.
Not at all fruity. Think of an expensive vintage French red - the opposite of a young Australian.
A term used to describe a wine that is unforthcoming - often they are young, tannic wines. They give little pleasure at the time, but it is likely that they will improve with age.
Severe in modes of judging, or living, or acting; rigid; rigorous; stern; as, an austere man, look, life.
Unadorned; unembellished; severely simple.
Lk.19: 21,22] as applied to a man Stern; rigid, steadfast.
Austere is an anonymous electronic music group specializing in ambient, dark ambient, drone, glitch-ambient, downtempo-style drum and bass and minimalist music. The group first started working together in 1998 and is based in the Pacific Northwest.
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Austere is the first release by the band Sparta, just one year after break-up of their former band At the Drive-In.