Definitions for "Auslese"
Keywords:  dikat, ripe, bunch, tlese, zuh
After Kabinett and Spätlese, Auslese is the third designation of sweetness level in the German Prädikat system. Translated as 'selected harvest,' auslese are made from very ripe grapes, selected by the bunch. These wines are rich, moderately sweet, and quite sought after. As well, warmer weather is required for sufficient ripening, which means auslese cannot be made every year.
(Germany, Austria) Prädikat category for sweet wines. The Auslese designation is conferred if the must weight, measured prior to the wine being made and bottled, reaches a certain level. The legally required value differs from region to region and also between countries. For example, Mosel Auslese begins at 83 Oechsle whereas Austrian Auslese is over 21 KMW (about 105 Oechsle).
(ouse'-lay-zuh) A German term for "Select Harvest". Wines with this designation are slightly sweet and lucious. Don't be afraid of these wines, they are often great with food, and rarely expensive.