Definitions for "Audio file"
An audio file contains sound that can be played on a computer. When helper applications, such as Real Audio or SoundPlayer, are configured for the browser, different types of sound files can be played, including .au and .wav.
a multimedia file available for downloading or listening to from a web page
A sound or music file. Audio files end in various extensions, including .wav, .au, .ra, and .rm, among others. SiteCLERK's Creative Kit enables you to manage and add audio files to your Web pages.
a voice recording which has been saved in whole or part to a memory buffer or hard disk.
AudioFile was a software company that was founded in Massachusetts in 1990. It was founded thanks to venture capital investment by the Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, and had Richard Goldhor as its chief scientist. It's chief product was Talk Works, a program designed to allow computers equipped with an appropriate fax-modem to act as a voice mail program.
AudioFile (broadcast August 2000 - September 26, 2002) was a live American TV show on Tech TV that focused on the role of technology in music. Each episode contained either interviews with musicians or focused on technology trends and issues (such as MP3's and Napster) that reshape the musical landscape.
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