Definitions for "Atypical"
not usual; often refers to the appearance of precancerous or cancerous cells.
a term indicating suspicious cells that could be cancer, but not confirmed as such. For instance, lymphomas (cancers of the lymph nodes) are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Some lymph node biopsies are very disturbing but do not quite fulfill the criteria for cancer.
Hyperplasia Prophylaxis
That has no type; devoid of typical character; irregular; unlike the type.
spells strange behavior events in PND due to firing episodes
deviating from or not conforming to type; "atypical behavior..not the accepted type of response that we expect from children"- G.E.Gardner
Ganglia Prenatal
Hydrogen Propranolol
Hormonal Proteins Hydrogen Proximal
Hematocrit Purpura Hematology Pyelonephritis
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Haplotypes Phylogeny
Immunization Quadriplegia Impotence
Immunity Proteolytic Immunotherapy Pseudallescheria
Hemorrhage Potassium Hemorrhoids Prevalence
Hysteroscopy Postoperative Potassium
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Gait Perivascular
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Intravenous Psychotherapy
Heredity Proteins
Ichthyosis Proteins
Ketoconazole Radioactive
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Induction Psychiatry
Gastrointestinal Polypeptide
Hybridization Recurrence Hyperpigmentation Respiratory
Intermittent Intestinal Selenium
Keywords:  ordinary, usual
not usual or ordinary.
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Keywords:  abnormal, usual
Not usual; abnormal.
Keywords:  normal, usual
Not normal, or not usual.
Keywords:  typical, usual
Not typical or usual