Definitions for "Attrition"
The act of rubbing together; friction; the act of wearing by friction, or by rubbing substances together; abrasion.
The state of being worn.
The wear and tear particles transported either by rivers and waves or the wind. These particles collide with each other and break down into smaller pieces erosion Back to Resources Associated words
the gradual reduction in the number of employees. Attrition is brought about by not replacing those who leave an employer or a workforce. The personnel loss from the workforce of a relocating company or operation, at its original location, and replaced at the new location, is sometimes counted as attrition, although the loss my not be so gradual. definition of definition of attrition definition of attrition defined
Reduction of lead or drug candidate molecules due to failures in preclinical or clinical trials.
A natural reduction in work force as a result of resignations, retirements or death. Most unionized companies cannot unilaterally reduce their employment levels to cut costs, so management must rely on attrition to provide openings that they, in turn, do not fill. Because the median ages of work forces at the integrated mills may be more than 50, an increasing number of retirements may provide these companies with added flexibility to improve their competitiveness.
Grief for sin arising only from fear of punishment or feelings of shame. See Contrition.
sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation
Attrition is an electronic music band, formed in Coventry, England in 1980 by Martin Bowes and Julia Niblock. Influenced by punk's do-it-yourself aesthetic, Attrition appeared on compilation cassettes featuring contemporaries such as Portion Control, Konstruktivits, Chris and Cosey, Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound, Metamorphosis et al. However, while associated with the industrial scene, the band found it difficult to attract an appreciative audience.
The loss of subjects during the course of a study. This may be a threat to the validity of conclusions if participants of study and comparison/control groups drop out at different rates or for different reasons.
loss of customers to a competitor
Loss of subjects from the defined sample during the course of a study.
Erosion of earnings on invested capital resulting from the regulatory practice of setting utility rates based on past costs during an inflationary period.
The erosion of your customer base over time. The opposite of customer retention.
Attrition is an information security-related website, updated at least weekly by an all-volunteer staff. Until 21 May 2001, Attrition maintained the largest mirror of defaced (or cracked) websites available on the world wide web. The defacement mirror has since ceased updating.
The difference between the actual number of sleeping rooms picked-up (or food-and-beverage covers or revenue projections) and the number or formulas agreed to in the terms of the facility's contract. Usually there is an allowable shortfall before damages are assessed.
Where an organization contracts with a hotel for a specific number of rooms and, upon completion of the meeting or conference, the total amount of rooms actually used is less than the number originally contracted.
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36-2, 66-1, 74-30, 75  Stopping a dog and bringing it part way back to the handler.  A non-aversive technique to break a dog's momentum (change the dog's intended direction) and to get the dog back on the correct path or line.
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the rate at which students drop a school program
The rate at which cars drop out of a race. This is due to mechanical failures or crashes.