Definitions for "Attitudes"
Rajecki (1990) says that an attitude is ' a predisposition to respond cognitively, emotionally, or behaviourally to a particular object in a particular way.' Attitudes guide how we react to others, what causes we support, how we vote, our consumer preferences, our personal style etc. Attitudes are latent constructs. This means they cannot be observed directly. They must therefore be inferred from our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is not so easy, as people have ' more faces that the town clock'! There are two main approaches in social psychology to the study of attitudes, the structural approach, and the functional approach.
what people think and believe.
Personal biases, preferences, and subjective assessments that predispose one to act or respond in a predictable manner. Attitudes lead people to like or dislike something, or to consider things good or bad, important or unimportant, worth caring about or not worth caring about.
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Attitudes is French pop singer Lorie's third studio album, and her fourth album overall. It has a self-admitted rockier sound than the singer's first two records and was released on 19 January 2004 in two versions: a regular, jewel case release and a limited edition digipak also containing a DVD and six stickers featuring the best-selling singing star.
Attitudes was an American television talk show on Lifetime Television from 1985-1991. Hosted originally by Linda Dano and Nancy Glass, it was taped before a live studio audience at EUE Screen Gems Studios, 222 East 44th Street in New York City. Next, Glass was replaced by Dee Kelly and the show moved to Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens.
Attitudes was another of the bands from the Dark Horse Records label belonging to George Harrison The group was an amalgam of several session musicians (probably from the Los Angeles area).
HRDC's essential skills job-profiling methodology defines attitudes as the behavioral characteristics of job incumbents.