Definitions for "Attenuator"
Attenuate means to reduce in force, value or amount. An Attenuator is a device that reduces the value of something, usually the amplitude of a signal.
A device used to reduce the level of a signal. This can be a resistor network or a control on a piece of equipment.
The dial on an audiometer that increases and decreases the loudness of a signal.
A control region at the promoter end of repressible amino acid operons that exerts transcriptional control based on the translation of a small leader peptide gene. A region adjacent to the structural genes of the trp (tryptophan) operon; in the presence of tryptophan this region acts to reduce the rate of transcription from the structural genes.
A region of leader mRNA that can form alternative secondary structures that determine whether transcription is terminated or proceeds into downstream genes. See Attenuation.
a nucleotide sequence that is located upstream of those bacterial operons which encode the enzymes that are involved in the synthesis of amino acids; controls transcription of operons
A safety device made of carbon fiber and honeycombed aluminum mounted on the rear of the gearbox. Enhances driver protection by absorbing much of the force of a rear impact.
A traffic barrier designed to compress under impact.
One of the most important elements of auto racing is safety and the attenuator is an important part of that. Sitting in the rear of the gear box the attenuator is made of carbon fiber and honeycombed aluminum, its job is to absorb the force of a rear end crash.
a terminator sequence at which attenuation occurs
The attenuator plays an important regulatory role in prokaryotic cells because of the absence of the nucleus in prokaryotic organisms. The attenuator refers to a specific regulatory sequence that, when transcribed into RNA, forms hairpin structures to stop translation when certain conditions are not met.
a pressure vessel that maintains output pressure for a constant water flow, compensating for uneven pressure generated by some pumps