Definitions for "Attachments"
clips attached to an e-mail query. -(2) -research, photos, or charts, usually attached to a nonfiction book.
Attachments are files which are attached to an outgoing e-mail or news message. These attached files can be programs, pictures, text files, or any type of computer file.
An attachment is typically a file or message that is added to an email message. Many viruses and spam are sent via attachments or by exploiting security problems associated with attachments. To prevent legitimate attachments from being blocked or scanned, we recommend that all attachments be compressed (for example with WinZip). Zipped files, for example, appear to sniffer as random data and therefore won't match any patterns.
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Attachments is a BBC TV Series that ran for two seasons from 2000 to 2002, a total of 26 episodes. It focuses on a group of young professionals in London that work for an Internet startup company called "seethru" during the dot com boom. The fictional company ran an internet portal website at updated as the show progressed, and still exists today. The show was criticised for being too offensive
From the main template, will cue up another template for assembly after completion of the first template. In HotDocs, you have the option to ASSEMBLE or INSERT a template. In DealBuilder, you may ATTACH or INCLUDE a subtemplate. In GhostFill, the command is Templates.Select to Insert a subtemplate or Templates.Run to run a template successively.
Any type of an add-on that is attached to the primary body jewelry.
You can add attachments to your ranged weapons and armor for improvement of their statistics.
Any type of dangle, add-on or trim that can be attached to a barbell or ring to enhance the look of the primary body jewelry. Some attachments may be stationary while others may swing or move. Autoclave A high temperature, medical sterilization device that uses high pressure steam heat to sterilize all tools and piercing equipment before being used.
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Those parts of the boat that are intended to be removed from the hull by users; specifically the head; tail; drum; drummer's seat; steering oar; ropes and painters; number board; together with bolts, fastenings, ropes and other parts used solely for used for fastening these items to the boat.
A device other than conventional forks mounted on the fork carriage of a truck for handling particular loads. Popular types are carton or roll clamps, rotating devices, sideshifters, carpet rams, slip sheet attachments, etc.
These are desires, the emotional cravings for family, friends, possessions, sensuous pleasures, erroneous views, life, the idea of the self as an individual, and more.
Any one of a number of accessories designed to attach to a lawnmower to increase its versatility or the number of chores it can accomplish.
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In OCR for AnyDoc, attachments are document images to be archived along with the processed document.
Components that are used along with lifting devices, forged, stamped or cast.
Additions to an envelope like clasps, string and button, velcro, or metal eyelets.
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Forms bonded onto front or back surfaces of teeth to help achieve certain types of tooth movement with Invisalign®.
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Civil Aviation Top 10 Applications