Definitions for "attachment"
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The act of seizing a debtors property and placing it under a courts control.
A seizure or taking into custody by virtue of a legal process.
The writ or percept commanding such seizure or taking.
Any file attached to email. See our Attachment Mailer script which delivers form data with optional file attachments.
An attachment is a file that is sent along with an e-mail message. Attachments are normally considered separately from the body of the email message, and can be nearly any type of file. When you send your friend an image it goes as an attachment in your email. Unfortunately, these days most of the Internet viruses are spread out as email attachments. So you should always be careful when you open an attachment.
Usually refers to a file attached or added to an e-mail message. Such a file is often displayed as an icon which the recipient can then click on in order to display its contents.
A special relationship between a newborn child and its primary caregiver, usually the mother.
Active, affectionate reciprocal relationship between two persons (usually infant and parent), in which interaction reinforces and strengthens the link.
An emotional and enduring but paradoxically fragile and vulnerable relationship between a child and one or more caregiving adults which is a prerequisite for development of a child's identity and trust.
An addition or addendum to a contract, such as a payment schedule or job scope description. Attachments are often "incorporated by reference" in the main body of the contract, and therefore their terms are binding on all parties. If not, all parties should sign and date the attachment.
Additional documentation required by a payer as an addendum to either a paper or electronic claim as a condition of payment.
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Attachment refers to the child's bond with his parents. When children are removed from their parents and placed with substitutes, they often treat their new family as thieves. This is sometimes treated as a psychiatric disorder. In April 2000 Candace Newmaker was murdered in a form of crackpot therapy designed to cure this "disorder".
The degree to which children are sensitive to the expectations of parents or teachers. See also belief; bond; commitment; involvement.
Any device coupled to the workgroup to complete a prescribed task. The most common attachment for an excavator is a trenching bucket. Other Bobcat attachments include grading buckets, hydraulic breakers, plate compactors, rotators, augers and a ripper.
Any process which uses a method of affixing the wig or hairpiece to the wearer's existing hair for security. Attachment may be temporary or extended wear, depending on the particular type of method or accessory used. Popular attachment methods are combs, clips, beads and loops, thread, or special adhesives. BACKCOMBING: The process of lacing hair together at the base to create fullness to a style. The hair strand is pulled away from the head, and held firmly but lightly while the comb is inserted into the hair and pushes some of the hair backward down the strand toward the root area. Hair is then gently brushed or combed over the backcombing to smooth out the style.
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The collision of an electron with a neutral molecule or an atom which causes the formation of a negative ion. Later the negative charges disappear due to recombination between positive and negative ions. Attachment depends on the density of the oxygen atoms, the greater this density, the faster the ionisation will disappear.
In meteorological literature, often used with particular reference to the disappearance of free electrons by their attachment to neutral oxygen atoms or molecules, thus forming negative ions. The rate of the process is expressed by an attachment coefficient with dimensions of volume per time.
"Is there anything attached [to this story]?" is an industry question meaning, on a positive note, "Is there a star or director interested?" On a negative note, the question means, "Are there so many producers or writers attached to the deal that the deal becomes unmanageable from a budgetary or administrative viewpoint?" Such excess attachments are known as
Means that goods held by the person in debt, eg a car, are 'frozen'. Anything that has been frozen ('attached') can be sold. The money raised is then handed over to the person who is owed the money.
A deluded mental factor that observes a contaminated object, regards it as a cause of happiness, and wishes for it. See Joyful Path of Good Fortune and Understanding the Mind.
The behavior of an organism that relates in an affiliative or dependent manner to another object. Attachment develops during critical periods of life and can be extinguished by lack of opportunity to relate. If this separation occurs before maturation can provide for adaptive adjustment, personality deviation can occur.
Inability to separate from a person or thing, although it will ultimately lead to SUFFERING. Usually it exaggerates the good qualities of the object. It is one of the biggest mental DELUSIONS which prevents the achievement of ENLIGHTENMENT.
(Ho'opili) An affinity to and a connection with.
The close interpersonal connections that children form with others. These connections are strong enough to last through time and space, even without the benefit of direct day–to–day contact.
Attachment is the ability of a child to form significant emotional connections with other people. Children who have experienced abuse and neglect, even when very young, will sometimes find it difficult to form significant ties throughout their lives and their relationships to others often may be superficial. Children who have difficulty maintaining direct eye contact, telling the truth, and not being in control may have trouble forming meaningful attachments.
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The fastener segment, component, or unit physically affixed to the application.
A device or tissue that fastens to another device, tooth, etc. (e.g. a clasp on a partial denture that enables the partial to attach to an existing tooth).
Something attached; some adjunct attached to an instrument, machine, or other object; as, a sewing machine attachment (i. e., a device attached to a sewing machine to enable it to do special work, as tucking, etc.).
something that is attached to a module, such as a form.
A constraint fixing one side of a widget to one side of a sibling widget or to one side of its parent layout widget. Attachments can be made at a fixed distance or at a percentage of the layout widget's dimension.
A mechanical device for the fixation, retention and stabilization of a dental prosthesis.
The act attaching, or state of being attached; close adherence or affection; fidelity; regard; an? passion of affection that binds a person; as, an attachment to a friend, or to a party.
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An attachment is a joining of a port and a role. At present, there is no internal structure for attachments. See also: port, role
A port or a pair of ports, optionally including an associated optical bypass, managed as a functional unit. In FDDI, a dual attachment includes two ports: port A and port B. A single attachment includes port S.
How the element (reporter) sequences are physically attached to the array (e.g. covalent, ionic)
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Goods can be taken from the garage, garden shed, and driveway.
The process by which a virus specifically binds its host cell to begin the process of viral replication.
The binding of a virus particle to a specific receptor on the surface of a host cell.
A document that is submitted to the Land Titles Registry, at the time of registration or subsequent to the time of registration, to provide disclosure.
A piece of documentation that is issued subsequent to or in addition to a document, and is of 'non-standard' format.
(n.) An encapsulated data object inside a document.
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This device wraps the watch around your wrist. Timex straps are usually made out of leather, metal, or cloth. Also known as a band, strap or replacement strap.
Any part of a piece that has been molded separately and then added to the main body of the piece.
a rider or modification added to a policy that makes changes, restrictions or clarifications to the coverage.
The tendency of the young of many species to stay in close proximity to an adult, usually their mother. See also imprinting.
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Information, hard copy or electronic, related to a particular claim. Attachments may be structured (such as Certificates of Medical Necessity) or non-structured (such as an Operative Report). Though attachments may be submitted separately, it is common to say the attachment was "submitted with the claim."
A point of damage on a crystallized specimen where it was formerly attached to matrix or other crystals. Generally more acceptable than damage caused by collecting or handling the specimen.
a piece of talent (actor, director) that has committed to being in/working on a film.
A strong emotional connection that persists over time and across circumstances. go to glossary index
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Where you can't bear to leave your computer
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see Enclosure.
Retaining foreign molecules on the surface of a substance.
An accessory that has to be physically attached to the product. See: feature.
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attribute AU
An item that costs $1500 or more, will permanently increase the value of a SPECIFIC piece of university-owned equipment and is not complete in itself; attachments are also referred to as components
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That by which one thing is attached to another; connection; as, to cut the attachments of a muscle.