Definitions for "Atrophy"
To cause to waste away or become abortive; to starve or weaken.
To waste away; to dwindle.
AT-roh-fee Reduction in size of a muscle or an organ resulting from disease or lack of use.
Hyperthermia Radiography
Hyperthermia Riboflavin
Radiology Heredity Receptor
Hepatocellular Prevalence
Heredity Prenatal Homologous Prevalence
Hemoglobinopathies Phenotype
Genotype Phenotype
Hyperplasia Phenotype
(AH troh fee): Thinning of the epidermal and dermal layers. A possible side effect of topical corticosteroids.
usually refers to thinning of the epidermis leaving an easily wrinkled and/or shiny surface. Atrophy may also apply to dermal and/or subcutaneous tissue, with or without changes in the epidermis.
Thin, wrinkled skin where you can see vessels.
Atrophy was a thrash metal band formed in 1986 in Tucson, Arizona, USA by Chris Lykins, James Gulotta, and Brian Zimmerman. The original bandname was Heresy, but by the time the band was rounded out to its professional line-up – with Tim Kelly and Rick Skowron joining the fold – the name was changed.
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Hyperalgesia Quackery
atrophy of musculature autoimmun disorders
Atrophy, Optic AutoImmune
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Hyponatremia RCRA
Immunohistochemistry Psychiatric
Herpes Polyposis Histology Postoperative
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Fibrosis Overdose
Immunosuppressant Psoriasis Immunotherapy Puberty
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Immunoassay Respiratory
Molecular Seroconversion Shunt
Hypoxemia Prostatitis Prosthesis
Hemorrhage Perforation Hemorrhoids Perfusion
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automatic + autopilot
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Atrophy occurs when some component of the skin has shrunk.
Hybridization Proteins
Hepatitis Proteins
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means the dying or death, normally referring to a gland or organ.
withering of an organ that had previously been normal.
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A loss of fat, usually in the arms, legs, or face. This is a possible symptom of lipodystrophy (See Lipodystrophy).
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Hormonal Progressive