Definitions for "Atrium"
A square hall lighted from above, into which rooms open at one or more levels.
An open court with a porch or gallery around three or more sides; especially at the entrance of a basilica or other church. The name was extended in the Middle Ages to the open churchyard or cemetery.
A cavity in ascidians into which the intestine and generative ducts open, and which also receives the water from the gills. See Ascidioidea.
The main part of either auricle of the heart as distinct from the auricular appendix. Also, the whole articular portion of the heart.
a chamber or cavity (of the heart, etc.).
Either one of the heart's two upper chambers.
( Thomson and Pflug, 1953) A space within the aperture of a compound pore that has a much larger endopore than the ectopore, so that the pore canal widens towards the interior of the grain. Example: Myrica (Myricaceae). See also: vestibulum. Atrium ( Punt, 1962) Synonym of fastigium. Auricula (pl. auriculae, adj. auriculate) ( Potonié and Kremp, 1955) Synonym of valva. Comment: The term is mostly used for spores with extreme valva.
An enclosed glazed space, normally in the middle of buildings of 3 storeys or more, which allows light into the centre and traps heat.
an enclosed space in an animal body.
In ctenostomes; space between the tips of the tentacles and the orifice, in a retracted zooid (Hayward, 1985). In stenolaemates, space between tips of the tentacles (when withdrawn) and the orifice of the autozooid, sealed distally and proximally by sphincter muscles (Hayward & Ryland, 1985; but see Boardman, 1998).
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australopithecines - the first true hominids of the genus, Australopithecus. A number of species have been described.
Intravenous Prostate Invasive Psychotherapy
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Covered row of columns infront of the door of a church
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A structure that provides lots of above light for plants. Commercial buildings often have their foyer as an atrium. Many homes have built in atriums.
a pleasant all weather gathering place providing shelter from the more extreme climate conditions outside